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The gateway of uncertainty!

You know what, there's always a gateway of uncertainty in everyone's life. When someone feels uncertain about things, about what's happening around them, what's going to happen next and uncertain about life as a whole.

What's the James Webb Telescope and what's all the fuss about it?

Recently, NASA launched the much awaited telescope in space named after former NASA astronaut James Webb. Honestly, many of the astrophysicists including me were waiting for its launch for long time and at last after 30 years of its manufacturing process it's now in space.

New Year Resolutions!

Vows, determination, enthusiasm and diligence is very important to yourself and the people around you. New year is effectively passing of 365 days but in the broader aspect it's the coming of new 365 days (hopefully if we survive). So a directionless journey during these days would be a waste of life and opportunities.

2021 in Review!

So how was 2021 as a year? What are and should be the take aways and how do I see it.

Some misconceptions on embryonic stages as described in Qur'an and Hadith

The Quranic description of embryo is no mystery for Muslims. But there are some ahadith and then some parts of Quranic developmental stages of the embryo which requires a pure scientific explanation that I'm going to provide in the following.

Mental Health!

One of the most delicate yet least discussed topic is of mental health. Let's first get a stat right, every person regardless of gender, race or any distinctions undergo some mental health issues at some stage in their lives.But do they know what to do when they have those issues? how to solve them up? how to seek help and where to seek help?

The Moon, its Significance and Glory!

In science, moon is known as one of billions celestial bodies in the sky. It also serves as satellite to the Earth. But in Islam, moon is more than that. The beginning of Islamic calendar is based on the moon’s cycle. All of the important days in Islam such as Eid al Fitr/Adha, first day of Ramadhan and New Year etc are determined by the moon.

Ever pondered on Nature?

A glorious beauty unfolds before our very eyes each day. A boundless, bright blue sea, majestic mountains, trees that have stretched their branches up to the skies for hundreds of years in wonderful obedience, the brightly shining Sun, the blue sky dotted with immaculate white clouds and sea gulls as white as snow.